Sony, a leader in the AV industry, introduces a new form of high-defi nition (HD) visual communication with the PCS-XG80. Powerful, affordable, and compact – the PCS-XG80 achieves 1080i HD video quality, making your daily business communication style more effective, productive, and comfortable..
With approximately four times more detail than standard-defi nition (SD) images, the exceptional HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level. The HD video quality provided by Sony not only enhances your daily videoconferences with life-like images, but also lets you see details that were not before visible with SD systems – which is especially useful for applications such as product design conferences.What's more, the HD camera of the PCS-XG80 adopts the Sony developed BrightFace™ technology, which produces clear images even when used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions.
  • 1080i Full HD Codec
  • BrightFace Full HD Camera
  • H.239 Dual Stream at 30fps with H.264
  • Video Annotation
  • RF Remote Commande
  • 6-sites HD CP MC

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