IMZ-NS100 Monitoring Software

Sony introduces the IMZ-RS400 Series*1 Intelligent Monitoring Software, which incorporates intelligent video analytics – “Video Motion Filter Alarms” and “Video Motion Filter Searches” – using metadata to provide operational efficiency and a high level of security. “Video Motion Filter Alarms” allow users to define rules to trigger alarms on live monitoring/recording so that crucial events are easily called to the attention of the guard and/or recorded. “Video Motion Filter Searches” allow users to define search criteria so that events of interest are easily searched for in the recorded information. This system can be controlled by a common user management interface, which allows the administrator to freely set up the access level of each user. With the IMZ-NS100 Series, you can start an HD-ready video network surveillance system in the scale and configuration that's ideal for current conditions, and expand this system in the future.

IMZ-NS100 Series Software Packages:
  • IMZ-NS101
    Control PC software for 1 networked video source
  • IMZ-NS104
    Control PC software for up to 4 networked video sources
  • IMZ-NS109
    Control PC software for up to 9 networked video sources
  • IMZ-NS116
    Control PC software for up to 16 networked video sources
  • IMZ-NS132
    Control PC software for up to 32 networked video sources

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