The mission of marketing managers and business owners has always been to reach their target market with the right promotional message to turn potential customers into customers. Today, one of the best ways to achieve this mission is by using dynamic digital signage solutions driven by the Sony NSP-1 Network Player.
Equipped to handle many layers of high-quality graphics, text, and video, the NSP-1 is ideal for delivering dynamic programming directly to customers. From Macromedia® Flash™ to HTML, and from video to still pictures, it’s all available and easy to present with the NSP-1 Network Player. Other features include portrait mode, a dedicated audio track, and an option to feed live video to the unit, which are all key features to make your digital signage more versatile.
Make the powerful NSP-1 the engine that drives your revenue-generating digital signage solutions.

  • Versatile Content Presentation
  • High-Quality Graphics and Text
  • Excellent Video Quality
  • Selectable Output Resolution and Aspect Ratio

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