With the advent of many affordable high-definition (HD) acquisition tools, the move towards HD content has become inevitable even for moderate budget productions, such as weddings and other events.
Ever conscious of this trend, Sony adds the LMD-2030W to its LUMA Series of LCD monitors, offering the optimum balance between quality and cost for entry-level HD monitoring applications.
Incorporating a 20-inch* high-resolution panel with 1680 x 1050 pixels, the LMD-2030W accepts a wide range of signals from HD to SD, in both digital and analog. Interfaces include an HDMI interface and HD analog component input as standard, plus an SD-SDI interface available as an option.
Combining the user-friendly design of Sony professional monitors with these features, the LMD-2030W is a perfect first step for monitoring the excitement of the HD world. * 20.1-inch viewable area, measured diagonally.

  • High Picture Performance
  • Operational Convenience
  • Input Versatility
  • Convenient Installation

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