he new LMD-2140MD is a medical-grade 21-inch LCD monitor, specifically designed for video endoscope applications for perfect observation. It meets the stringent medical safety and EMC requirements.
The LMD-2140MD incorporates a superb quality LCD panel that provides extremely high level of brightness, contrast and colour depth. The use of Sony's original X-Algorithm processing allows natural reproduction of still and moving video images that can be difficult to achieve with typical LCD monitors. Additionally, this monitor provides superior versatility with a variety of analogue and digital signal input capabilities both for today's standard and tomorrow's high definition format. Various analogue and digital computer formats complement the video format.
Finally, the user will also benefit from the User Memory functionality, which allows each user (20 different possible memory settings available) to have his own picture setting available in this monitor. All of these features together with a compact & lightweight design, allows the Sony LMD-2140MD to better serve in video endoscopy cart installations.

  • Excellent picture reproduction (X Algorithm)
  • Picture Delay minimum mode
  • Excellent Brightness and Contrast
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • The User Memory
  • Auto chroma/phase function
  • Three Colour Tally
  • Parallel Remote (Modular 8-pin)
  • Colour temperature Adjustment
  • Smart APA

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