Monitor resolution has come a long way since the pioneering physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun built the first cathode-ray tube in 1897. Today, Sony's innovative LMD-2450MD with Advanced Image Processing Technology enables clinicians to see still and moving images with accurate, high definition clarity and pinpoint precision - making it ideal for critical endoscopic applications.
The LMD-2450MD incorporates multiple display modes such as Picture-in-Picture, and Picture-and- Picture (including a side-by-side split screen). These flexible display modes can be used for special applications such as to view both live video and captured images simultaneously for more comprehensive coverage of the surgical procedure..

  • Safety Listing and Compliance
  • Excellent Picture Reproduction ChromaTRU Colour Processing
  • Excellent Brightness and Contrast (WUXGA Panel)
  • Natural Gradation and Accurate Colour Reproduction (10-Bit DSP)
  • Sophisticated I/P (Interlace to Progressive)Conversion
  • Input Versatility (Multi-format Signal Support)
  • Gamma Curve Selection
  • Multiple Display Modes
  • Selectable Scan Size/Aspect Ratio
  • Protected Controls

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