Videoconferencing systems continue to evolve as we enter a new era of visual communication. Sony is leading this evolution by staying ahead of the latest technological trends in videoconferencing and developing systems that meet our customers' demands. The flagship PCS-G70 video communication system is our latest solution to meet the needs of our high-end customers.
The PCS-G70 boasts a maximum video transfer rate of 4 Mb/s over an IP network, and it provides the highest resolution video of all models in the PCS Series. By adopting the H.263 video codec/4CIF format, the PCS-G70 produces image resolution comparable to that of standard TV broadcasts. It can also be used with the H.264 video codec for higher throughput and with previous versions of the ITU-T videoconferencing codecs to maintain compatibility with legacy systems.
As with other PCS Series models, the PCS-G70, with its internal MCU (Multi-Control Unit) capability, supports simultaneous multi-point videoconferences with six (6) endpoints, and a maximum of 10 endpoints when two PCS-G70 units are cascaded. The PCS-G70 bridges mixed calls between an ISDN network and an IP network, and speed matches (by connecting at the endpoint respective speeds) without lowering the performance of the entire system. Other key features of the PCS-G70 include a site-name display function, support for up to five monitors that display far-end sites in addition to the main monitor, and a dual-camera input, which can be used to provide more video coverage. The PCS-G70 also incorporates features such as data sharing, QoS support functions, an encryption function, and digital whiteboard support, which are all available in other PCS Series models.
As we enter a new era of visual communication, the feature-rich PCS-G70 will meet user needs for high-end and large-venue videoconferencing applications.

  • High-Quality Video/High-Speed Network Connection
  • Multi-Point Videoconferencing at up to 10 Sites
  • Superb Sound
  • Multiple Display Output
  • Site-Name Display
  • Stylish Design

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