PCS-XG55 is a powerful and compact HD videoconferencing system in an affordable price range with its 720p HD quality, dual stream data transfer, newly developed HD camera and crystal stereo audio. the HD camera of the PCS-XG55 adopts Sony-developed BrightFace™ technology, which produces clear images even when used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The unit also features clear and natural sounding stereo audio, allowing you to hold stress-free videoconferences with “real communication” as if you were talking in the same room.
The PCS-XG55 produces clear and natural stereo sound, using the MPEG-4 AAC compression format. Since the unit has a built-in stereo echo canceller, which eliminates the annoying echo often heard with other systems, communication sounds far more natural.

  • 720p HD with 60fps for smooth and clear video
  • BrightFace™ Technology for optimized-contrast image in real time
  • H.239 dual stream at 30fps for smooth video and presentation data transfer
  • Embedded Echo Canceller with Clear & Natural Stereo Audio
  • Intelligent QoSTM System
  • Memory Stick Recording

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