SSC-CD Series (Fixed Mini-dome Cameras)

Sony introduces a new line of fixed mini-dome cameras. All of these cameras employ highly sensitive imagers that produce amazingly clear and detailed images in a number of security and surveillance monitoring applications. For easy setup, they incorporate the Sony patented Ball-Joint Lens Mount mechanism, which provides quick and easy adjustment of the camera‘s viewing angle during installation.
The SSC-CD77/CD77P and SSC-CD75/CD75P are vandal-resistant mini-domes designed for either indoor or outdoor use. The SSC-CD77/CD77P camera incorporates the latest 1/3-type CCD with SuperExwaveTM technology, which provides superior sensitivity. Designed for 24x7 operation, it also incorporates a Day/Night function that can produce detailed images even in zero lx*1 lighting conditions. On the other hand, the SSC-CD75/CD75P utilizes a 1/3-type Super HAD CCDTM to deliver high-quality color images and is perfect for security applications that do not require a day/night capability.
The SSC-CD49/CD49P and the SSC-CD45/CD45P are compact and discreet dome cameras designed for indoor security and surveillance monitoring applications. The SSC-CD49/CD49P camera incorporates unique Sony DynaViewTM technology to provide a wider dynamic range when viewing high-contrast scenes with severe backlighting, such as a window or an entrance to a building.
Feature rich and flexible, this line of mini-dome cameras offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Each camera has a unique offering, which allows users to choose exactly the right camera for their solution requirements.

  • SuperExwave Technology
  • Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology
  • High Horizontal Resolution
  • Powerful 3.6x Zoom, Vari-focal Lens
  • Flexible and Easy Installation

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