SSC-G723 / SSC-G728

the SSC-G723 and the SSC-G728 − which add newly developed benefits, customized functions, and operational flexibility to the current SSC Series. What makes the SSC-G723/G728 excellent is that the cameras achieve an super high resolution of 650 TV lines. Also, with DynaView EX technology, they are capable of adjusting tone and properly capturing high-contrast scenes. As a result, they help to provide substantial visual information for security investigations and to streamline your inspection duties. Offering numerous beneficial features such as Optical Day/Night, Noise Reduction, BLC, Privacy Zone Masking, and Custom Templates, the SSC-G723/G728 is the perfect security camera in various locations such as banks, offices, parking lots, subways, and transportation.

  • Superb Picture Quality With Accurate Color Reproduction/li>
  • Noise reduction
  • Wider auto tracing white range (ATW)
  • Back light compensation
  • Custom template

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